There are so many battings available, it can be hard to choose which batting to use in a quilt.
Some questions to consider are :  How will the quilt be used and washed?  Is it a childs quilt?  Is it a wallhanging?  Is it for a large bed?  Or is it a cuddle quilt on the couch?  Will the weight of the final product matter?  Do you sleep hot or cold? Do you want shrinkage (for the antique-y crinkled look) or no-shrinkage?

Battings I have on hand, and available for your quilts:

Hobbs 80-20 cotton-polyester blend
Warm and Natural 100% cotton
100% wool--washable in cool water and cool dry
Quilters Dream 100% Cotton Deluxe weight, no scrim
Arctic Cotton

I can order in king size battings if needed, as well.

The availability of battings may vary over time.