Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Quarter Sections for BJB

It's summer, and I get to quilt my own!!  This is a quilt I made for a dear friend.  It is the Quarter Sections pattern by Highway 10 designs.

It's a great Fat Quarter pattern, very little waste, adaptable to the size of quilt/number of fat quarters you want.  I used 12 FQ for this generous lap/throw/napping quilt.  I needed a long quilt for a long lady.
 I love the variety of fabrics in this one, and the lovely brown tones. And, as a prairie dweller, I love how the design looks like the land from the air.  Farm land in the Canadian prairies is divided into sections (square mile) and quarter sections (1/2 mile x 1/2 mile) and then further divided into homesteads, smaller fields and pastures.  Now, of course, the fields are getting larger - fewer divisions, but the imagery still holds.   
 My friend came to visit, and asked if I ever sold quilts.  I said no, and we looked at my longarm and talked about the quilts I had hanging in my house and so many other things, a great, too short visit.   But before she left that day, I handed her this quilt, in a gift bag, and said "I don't sell my quilts but I do give them away".   There may have been tears--from both of us :) 


Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Herringbone Pillow

I had made eldest an un-Broken Herringbone quilt ( see it here) a few years ago, and had some left over fabrics from that quilt.  I decided to make her a pillow, and was going to use Woodberry Way's quilted braid pillow tutorial, but when I pulled out the fabrics, I decided I'd rather make one large herringbone, similar to the quilt.

 That made the piecing very simple, and so I had lots of fun with the quilting.
The three panels before quilting   I used the same 3 panel pillow construction method from Elizabeth Hartman's patterns that I used in making the Yeti Pillow

 And that has used every bit of that fabric!  

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Medallion Quilt

Isn't this a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous quilt?   I totally stole the photo from QuiltKat's insta.  I think she took the quilt on a road trip before gifting it.

The mariners compass is a Petra Prins design, and the other rounds Katherine picked from a variety of sources.  I love quilting for Katherine, because I love the variety of fabrics she uses, and the designs she picks

 I'm sure you can see why I stole, borrowed, repurposed Katherine's photo, as these are the best whole quilt photos I got.
The rest of the photos can just speak for themselves

Friday, 9 August 2019


Linda brought me this giant pinwheel quilt and wanted to have some fun with the quilting on the large grey triangles, much as I had done with my Elephant Abstractions and Abilene

I was happy to oblige

 I repeated elements in each quarter, so there would be some constancy across the quilting. 

 I was adding lots of texture in the large triangles, the smaller pinwheels got a very constant texture--u turns in the blue-grey, and herringbones in the print. 

Thanks for letting me play Linda!

Tuesday, 6 August 2019


Dana made this quilt for her nieces wedding.   I loved looking at all the fabrics she used as I quilted. 

 Dana wanted wavy lines for the quilting--something very organic. 

 And she brought this wideback grunge dot for the backing. 

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Kaffe Fish

 Margo brought me this Kaffe Fish quilt, and she wanted wavy lines.  I decided to, as much as possible, echo and follow the shape of the fish.

Aren't these fish fun?   And the polka dots checkerboard and sashing finish it off nicely. 
 The minkee backing shows the quilting nicely, although the photo doesn't show the true color.  It was a lovely dark purple, you can see a bit of it in the first photo.. 

A bright and cuddly quilt for some lucky baby. 

Friday, 19 July 2019

The Butterfly Quilt

 Marilyn made this gorgeous version of  Tula Pinks The Butterfly Quilt
 These two peacocks got a little bit of custom treatment, and the rest of the quilt was stitched in an edge to edge E's and 3's.  

 Marilyn reported that she had a lot of fun making this quilt.  It was her winter project.
 It was certainly fun to quilt, seeing all the little blocks she had made, and the fabric choices.
 I think the E's and 3's represent the breeze, or the Butterfly's path as it wings about. 

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Chinook Winds Stoles

Colleen and I were commissioned to make these stoles for the Chinook Winds Region of The United Church of Canada.    The one on the left represents prairies to mountains and back to ocean, while the one on the right is prairies, mountains and mountain lakes.  The backs are Red, for those times when Red is the appropriate color, the stoles can be reversed.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the backing--you'll have to trust that it is a lovely red Batik, with imprints of leaves and other flora.   

 Colleen did a phenomenal job of piecing, and then I got to have the fun of quilting. 

 These stoles have many similarities, and yet are still different to one another, a pair, but not matched. 

I'd like to take a moment and admire Colleen's artistry here--see how the mountains line up--and it doesn't matter who stands on which side?   Brilliant!  All I had to do was add some texture.  

Monday, 24 June 2019

Belle's Quilt

I inherited this quilt, and it's just too fun not to share.  It's made of polyester fortrel in the blocks, and I don't even know what the sashing and backing material is--some sort of non fray, because the top and backing are just sewn together at the edge--not even turned under.

 My aunts weren't quite sure if Belle (my great grandmother) had made this top for Fern (my Grandma) or if Fern had made the top for Belle and got it back at some point.    I've had a few back and forths with my aunt on facebook about this quilt, and she's pretty sure Belle made it for Fern.  She says that Belle would buy clothes at the secondhand store to make into her quilts, so the fabrics wouldn't really be recognized by anyone as being family clothing.   I understand why she had to 'buy' to make scraps, because she made a top for each of her grandchildren (and I think there were 49 or 50 of them?). 

This is Fern and Belle, 1992

 If you've ever attempted to quilt one of these old polyester quilts, you know its virtually impossible to make it lay flat--I love how these blocks are deliberately 3-D. 

Fern (Grandma), Belle (GreatGrandma), Elaine (Mom), Al (Great Grandpa)  and myself.  1972

There is a mixture of hand and machine quilting on this quilt--and I think the blocks were pieced by hand and machine too, and it was originally hand quilted, and has been repaired by machine.  It needed a few repairs when I got it, and my good friend Yvonne did that hand stitching for me.  

  I am pretty sure my Grandparents had outfits made with this blue floral below--but maybe Fern shared her scraps with her mother?  

Nope...I found the photo of my Grandparents that this fabric reminded me's close but not the same.

Slim and Fern

And camo :)   Some things are always (never?) in style.