Thursday, 4 February 2016

100 Modern Quilt Blocks - Tula Pink

I finished this quilt in November, just slightly late for youngest's birthday.  And, then got busy with life and forgot to blog it. 

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you would have seen the blocks as I pieced them.  I joined a block of the month at Along Came Quilting and they sent me the fabric for 10 blocks each month.  It was a great way to do this quilt, as I don't have a large stash, and wouldn't have had any sort of fabric variety on my own.

 I used the layout on the cover of the book.  Youngest likes rainbows, and I wanted to use all of the blocks.  We chose a pale teal shot cotton for the sashing and border fabrics. 

Prepare for a lot of photos :)

I had the book, with closeups of Angela Walters amazing quilting, however, once I started quilting, I tried really hard not to refer to the book unless I was completely stumped, because I didn't want my quilting to be a copy of Angela Walters.  It is definitely inspired by her, I've taken a lot of classes, both in person and on Craftsy, taugtht by Angela, and if any block is identical to her quilting, it is happy coincidence. 

I used a wide variety of threads

I've photographed the blocks 4 at a time, but it's still a lot of photos.

Batting is QD wool.  Backing is a wide-flannel.   Quilt is 90x90.

It was fun, as youngest would come along and pick out her favorite blocks as I quilted.  (turned out it was most of them).

 I was really pleased with how well the quilting shows on the back too.  Lovely texture.
And this is what youngest did, as soon as I gave it to her
She likes it!! 


  1. Looks like one of my crazy projects. hahahahaha wonderful job....lucky girl.

  2. Looks like one of my crazy projects. hahahahaha wonderful job....lucky girl.

  3. THIS is why I want to try quilting! GORGEOUS! Pure artistry, Michelle, and an absolute inspiration!

  4. I think I remember you starting that quilt, What a fantastic finish!

  5. Wow! Your quilting is amazing. I'm exhausted just looking at the photos. A true labor of love!

  6. Beautiful! Your youngest is one lucky gal!

  7. Total & Complete labor of love to wrap around your sweetie!
    Magnificent work, Michelle. I'm envious of every single bit of quilting you did on this.

  8. I love what you did for the sashing and borders, it is so pretty and just so much to look at! Love this!

  9. Oh I love it all and just might "borrow" a few of those ideas whenever I finally get around to quilting my version. Nicely done.