Wednesday, 17 February 2016

City Slicker

This is my City Slicker quilt--a Highway 10 Designs

It's a Jelly roll quilt, and it came together really easily.  Lori and Kathy write really nice patterns.  I sometimes modify the pressing instructions, but that's about the only changes I make. 

I used a dark background, the pattern quilt shows a light background.  The Jelly roll was called River Rock I think.    To me, the dark rectangles looked like sidewalks around 4 lots, with the streets between.  Probably the imagery from the pattern name working on my subconscious.  So, that made me think of the Family Circus kids running all over the neighbourhood leaving a black dotted trail behind to show where they had been....and thus the quilt needed meander stitching.  Sometimes simple is best.

Hobbs 80/20 and a flannel backing.  

and an unquilted photo

Thanks for another great pattern Lori and Kathy.

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