Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Labyrinth Walk

This is Marilyn's Labyrinth Walk quilt.    This is the third quilt of this pattern I've been lucky enough to quilt.  Noreen  and Sydney both chose to have their quilts done with an edge to edge pattern, and Marilyn asked for custom quilting.

 So, for this quilt, out came the rulers and some marking tools.  The goal was to enhance the 3-D illusion created by the piecing with added texture.  The piecing is strong enough to have the illusion show regardless of the quilting, which is just adding a consistent texture was a good option for Noreen and Sydney.  But this is also a quilt where it is possible to enhance the illusion.

 So this quilt got 4 different textures, one for each of the 4 fabrics.  The white was left unquilted.  The light got beadboard lines, like wood.  The medium got to be a stone wall, and the dark was a tile floor.
 Marilyn added extra dark borders, to better fit her bed, and the borders were all different widths, so the labyrinth will center on the bed as she wants it to do.  So, I decided the borders would be like tiles, and as with real tiles, when you run out of floor, you get partial tiles. 

 A wool batting helps the textures to shine, and will be comfortable to sleep under as well.

 And I was thrilled when I turned the quilt over to look at the backing, and the texture was strong enough to create the illusion there too!  Mission accomplished.

One of the best parts of my job is to be able to take what is essentially the same quilt, and have it come out looking differently just by adding texture.    Thanks Marilyn, for letting me play. 

Monday, 30 July 2018

Twice As Nice

This is Linda A's quilt, which is one of  the cover quilts on Kari M Carr's Twice As Nice book  

Linda has chosen different value for the sashing than the quilt pictured on  the book, so they do look quite different.

 This photo above is when I reached the bottom of the quilt and still had to go up the quilt again with the rose toned thread.  Also you can see in this photo that the bottom and outside edges were quilted differently to provide a visual border, on a borderless quilt.

Linda worked hard to make all those kite fabrics to face the same direction.  This quilt definitely has a top and bottom.  

And she reported it was also 'fun' to get those kite points lined up on opposite sides of the sashing.
 Wool batting gives such lovely texture.  And I see below the quilt is upside down, because the trees are upside down.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Music Quilt

 Occasionally I do manage to quilt one of my own.  Actually, this is the first of mine to go on the frame since last August.  Our niece graduated high school this year, and is going to University to study music.  She was thrilled to get into her first choice of University.    I was thrilled to find clarinet fabric!
 The quilt pattern is Broken Herringbone, by Violet Craft (although I didn't break it), and I extended the length and number of my fabric rows to make the quilt a generous twin size.  
 My niece is multi-musical--in addition to the clarinet, she also plays piano, several stringed instruments, and other reed instruments as well, so that's well represented in this fabric above.  And her sister plays the flute.
I was pleased how this little keyboard appeared in the binding.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Yellow Brick Road

 I don't know how many of these Yellow Brick Roads I've quilted for the church, but it's a pattern that never gets old.    This particular quilt got a box meander. 
 I hadn't realized until looking at these photos today how strong a design those little triangles are in that fabric. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

En Provence 3 - a modified version

 This is Colleen's En Provence, which was Bonnie Hunter's 2016 mystery quilt. 
 Colleen modified some of the units to create this rounder shape, and she increased the size to make it king sized.  I love the circular effect she got, and the fabrics she used.  It is maybe hard to see in my photos, but the dark fabrics are gorgeous navy batiks, coupled with the golds in the Ohio stars, and the rich burgundy in the other stars, it's a very warm quilt.

 The quilt is a gift for some special people. 
 wool batting adds lots of loft.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Yvonne's Rail and Squares quilt

 I really have no idea what this pattern shold be called, so I made one up :)  Yvonne made this quilt for dear friends of hers, and when she thought about all the demands on her time in May and June, she chose to send the quilt to me. 

 I put a dwirling/landscape-ish freehand pattern on this quilt.    It adds lovely texture that just sits in the background.
 The backing is a lovely, buttery cuddle fabric.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Small World

This is Katherine M's My Small World quilt, which is a Jen Kingwell design.    As I understand it, you are meant to incorporate blocks and designs that are meaningful to your own life, and Katherine has a few of these in there that she was pointing out.

 This quilt got a custom treatment with wool batting. 
 I have put a lot of photos here, because there are so many interesting little details to look at. 

Thursday, 19 July 2018

A Loving Baby Quilt

 Marilyn made this sweet baby quilt for a new member of her extended family. 
 I see quite a few fabrics from previous quilts Marilyn has made--nice to have that continuity. 
She backed this quilt with a lovely blue cuddle.


 Colleen and I made these two stoles--she pieces, and I quilt.  We're both happy.
 This red one is the 7th of a series we were commissioned to do, and will be the last made with these fabrics.  Previous stoles can be seen here and here

 And this 'everyday' stole is one we made for the new minister at our church.  Colleen used many fabrics that are in the wall hangings and from compassionate quilts we have made for congregation members and from the stole of our other Minister, so this really has ties to his new congregation.

 We tried a new construction method this time--I quilted with just the top and the batting, and put the backing on afterwards--that allowed me to quilt right to the edges and use rulers on the red one, so I am happy with this method.  The red stoles are backed with a batik, and it sat nicely.  This one was backed with a silkier fabric and so Colleen put some tacking stitches in to keep it lying nicely.