Wednesday, 21 March 2012

First Official Customer Quilt

Patty's X-block quilt was the first customer quilt since starting mmm quilts.  She wanted a large meander, which I really enjoyed, for two reasons.  One, it was the first meander I've done on the Innova, as I've been busy practicing other things, and two, I could not effectively do a meander this large on my old short-arm set-up, without it being very linear.  And, of course, I enjoyed quilting this because Patty's piecing is precise, perfect and pressed.  OK, enough alliteration.

It doesn't really show against these blocks.  The quilt is perfectly flat and square, it's the optical illusion of the blocks that makes it look wavy.

(I wish I could figure out why these pictures are being turned, but in mean-time, just turn your head, LOL)

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