Tuesday, 17 April 2012


This is another of Patty's quilts, and was a pleasure to quilt...once I got done playing with the tension settings for that thread.   That's what all the random strips of fabric around the edges are...me trying to get the tension set. 

I haven't previously had any tension issues with my Innova...so it was a good chance to learn more about setting the tension.  I finally remembered that I had another bobbin case, this one with the backlash spring in, so that really helped with the heavier weight thread in the bobbin. 

This quilt is so cute and cheery, and will be a wonderful gift for her grand-niece/nephew.  Patty finds the neatest backings too.  Won't a baby have fun looking at those bold lines!

 One of the really fun things about quilting for others is being able to see all the different fabrics and colors.

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