Monday, 4 February 2013

Under the Covers

This center of this quilt is from the Under the Covers mystery quilt class I took at Quilt Canada when it was in Calgary...about 2 years ago?  The instructor was Kathleen Bissett and I really liked making her Magic Tiles pattern.

Kathleen made up kits that came with the class, and these blocks could be laid out in many different ways.   I added the blue and gold borders to make it large enough for a TV quilt for my son.  He said "Thanks for the quilt Mom, I really like it, but why did you put flowers on the back?".  Oh dear, I had just seen the dark brown color and not the flowers at all.  oops.

When I added those blue borders, I just added the widest borders I could (with the fabric available) to increase the size of this quilt.  I have since come to learn that this is what is sometimes known as a 'slab of border' in the longarm quilting world.

This was the last of the 7 quilts of my own I had saved to quilt when I was waiting for the Innova to arrive.  My plan had been to quilt those 7, and then to start taking customer quilts....plans change, but I am pleased to say this was done within the first 12 months of owning the Innova.  I had a new Swag Ruler from  Constantine Quilts to play with, so I quilted swags in the borders.  There was still a LOT of border left unquilted, and since my goal was to learn the swag ruler, I quilted more swags.  Happily, I liked the effect.

And my son and I both like the corners too...he thinks it's like Rocket Ships.

And that was the end of my pre-2012 to be quilted quilts. 

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  1. Great job Michelle! How do you like your swag ruler? It's one of my all time favorites and I've used it a lot. Sorry to hear about your water leak and hope you're not out of commission for too long.