Monday, 5 October 2015

A Christmas Quilt

This is a customer quilt.  I'm not going to name names, so I don't give away any surprises....

This is a nice quilt with lots of Christmas-y fabrics.  There's not a definite block size or shape to highlight with custom quilting, and the fabrics were going to hide most of the quilting design anyway, so this quilt was a great candidate for an E2E (edge to edge) design.    Then I looked to the fabrics for inspiration, since this quilt is overtly Christmas, the quilting can be too.  I saw poinsettias in the fabric, and decided I could quilt poinsettias (my first quilt with poinsettias I had to follow a pattern, but my skills have grown and I decided I could freehand these now).
  Such cheerful fabrics!    I chose a gold Magnifico thread--again, there was gold in the fabrics, and gold thread is actually a great blender. 

Here are some more shots of the back--as the quilting shows more there.  It's a lovely Minkee backing with stars, again keeping the Christmas theme.    The color is fairly true here--a really nice red.

 I tried modifying the settings on this last photo, so get a better view of the overall design of the quilting, but I'm not sure it accomplished what I wanted it to do, I might need some photo editing lessons.  I was just randomly pushing buttons in Windows Live editor.
Thank you for trusting me with your quilt, unnamed quilt maker :)  I hope the recipient truly likes it.

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  1. Really nicely done and your freehand of the design looks great.