Thursday, 21 May 2020


Angela brought me these two bargello quilts--gifts for her 13 year old twin grandchildren,  quilts that are "same but different".   She asked for the same quilting design on both. 

The quilts are very different in fabric choices--

 I love bargello quilts but have never made one myself.  My great grandma made needlepoint bargello--I remember her stitching on them.  I have a few of the canvasses she made--but have done nothing with them--I should turn them into pillows or something.  
 One of my favourite childhood pieces was a pillow in the shape of the letter M that my aunt made me--it had bargello needlepoint on the front, and blue corduroy on the sides/back.    I'd show you a photo of it but it's buried deep in the closet of the room my husband is occupying for his zoom calls, so I think he might find me digging in the closet a little disruptive 😉  So, you'll have to make do with photos of quilts. 

 Angela picked up this fabulous rainbow backing at Maple Leaf Quilting 

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