Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Baptist Fan with Circle Rulers

When I decided to start longarm quilting, I figured I could devote 1 day/week, and sure enough, a whole week went by between quilting days.

Once again, someone elses quilt came before mine, but that's OK, because I choose to do it.  A good friend of mine had a quilt that she had layered and spray basted back in January, but then had sewing machine issues and didn't get this quilted.  So, it had backing 1" greater in size than the quilt, but it's spray basted, so it's not going anywhere.  I added some length with scrap pieces, so I'd have room to load the quilt.  My plan for the 2nd quilt was to try some ruler work, which I never did on my short-arm.  I was inspired by a facebook post by Karen Walker, who had learned a baptist fan technique from Mari-Lee Seei at MQX West.  It's time consuming, so if I were to do this on a larger quilt, I'd need bigger circles.  The fan that Mari-Lee shows on a video uses 4 circles,  but I only have 3, so that's what I used.  I used a 2", 4" and 6" circle template (Deloa's).  I decided I *should* practice first, as I hadn't done ruler work before.

 Two rows was enough to have some confidence and to learn a little about when to place the ruler.  I don't have much patience for practice...I want to do the real thing!

Just a teaser of the front, until the quilt makes it to its final owner.

 The fans show up really nicely on the back.  Wonderfil Mirage thread on top. So fine on bottom, and warm and white for batting.  As always from this quilter, perfectly pieced and flat, which is a real advantage when the backing is too small.

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