Monday, 14 May 2012

A Pair of Stars

These quilts belong to Colleen, and are for twins of a friends of her mothers.  I like how they are the same but different, perfect for twins.  Sadly, I'm forced to admit that, while sure she would have pieced them slightly differently, I didn't see it until I took the picture, I guess I was just focused on the quilting.   One parent is a musician, so the green fabric is music themed, and the other parent is a small animal vet, so the backing has really cute puppies all over, but the only picture I took of the backing was blurry, so I won't inflict that on you.  Maybe you can see enough on the edges to imagine how cute it is. 

We took a road trip to find that backing, Colleen had looked all over Calgary and not found something she liked, and phoned the Quilting Bee in Olds to see if they had anything appropriate, and they did.  So, out to Olds we went, and she found something that would work at the Craigs (which has a surprisingly good fabric department), and 3 fabrics to choose from at the Quilting Bee.  We also found a fantastic shoe store, and I came home with 2 pairs of shoes!  Fun day.

A simple loopy meander in a soft yellow thread.

 Colleen pieced the backing so that I could load both quilts at once, which saved her on the quilting fee, as she wasn't paying 2 minimum charges, but instead for just one larger quilt.  Perfectly flat and square as usual.  Thanks Colleen.

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