Friday, 8 March 2013

Nancy's Magic Tiles

This is a quilt that Nancy made for her son, Daniel.  She decided on Kathleen Bissett's Magic Tiles pattern, and then her son, who lives abroad, was going to be in the USA.  So, she called the quilt store there, described the pattern and her son. Daniel walked into the quilt store a few days later, and was astounded when they recognized him (but than again, how many very tall young men frequent quilt stores I wonder?).  He selected these vibrant fabrics, and brought them home to his Mom.

This is, I think, Nancy's 4th quilt, and certainly her largest so far.  It was lovely and square and laid so flat and nicely for quilting.

Nancy got the top done, then had her younger son lie on the couch, covered him with the quilt...but it didn't quite fit, so she added extra length to top and bottom, so by the time she was done, this couch quilt for her very tall son is the right size for a twin-bed. 

Again, my phone-camera is producing slightly wonky colours--and it's a long story about where my camera camera is, so I'm just making do with the slightly wonky colours for now.  This quilt is in lovely blues and greens.  We decided on a simple meander just to give some texture.

This picture above is the closest I got for colour.

 Nancy's son managed a surprise visit home for Christmas this year, but he didn't want to see the top, he was waiting until it was all finished. 
Those really are lovely greens, not yellows.  You'll just have to trust me :)

 This picture shows the lovely turquoise thread we used....Wonderfil Konfetti if I recall correctly.  The batting is Hobbs 80/20.

 And the quilting shows very nicely on the back as well.

Nancy got this quilt finished just in time to send it to Daniel in  New Zealand, hand couriered by friends who were going over on a vacation, and it arrived just in time for his birthday.

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