Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hunter Star for Paula

I've finished and given to Paula her Hunter Star Quilt.

 My Aunt had commissioned this quilt last July, and I finished it in June, so a nice 12 month project. 

We went shopping together for the fabrics, and it was so much fun to select fabrics with a painter as I learned so much about colour theory from her and her friend who was with us that day.

Yummy fabrics.

And I signed up for the Hunter Star class at Along Came Quilting, taught by Kim Morrison.  My friend Colleen signed up've seen her quilt here already.  We used the Rapid Fire Hunter Star ruler by Deb Tucker.
Before's a large quilt, 93x109.  I wanted to make sure there was room for quilting loss (lost 2 " in the quilting) and washing shrinkage and for a deep mattress and a pillow tuck.

 Delicious texture.  I figured out a path across and back without any extra starts and stops.  I used my melon rulers by Kimmy Brunner for the arcs.  The figure 8's in the inside melons echoed the loops in the stars (and helped make it a continuous pattern), and feathers in the borders matched those in the blocks.  The motifs were simple, but very effective I think.

 A taupe so-fine thread blended on some fabrics and showed nicely on others.

 Yummy texture on the back too, which is actually a lovely green floral, but it didn't show in the photos well.

And...a neat surprise. 

The picture below isn't the greatest picture (kind of blurry), but shows the bonus secondary pattern in the quilting...a double wedding ring.
 I didn't see that double wedding ring until I had given the quilt to my Aunt and we were spreading it out in her living room, but now it's obvious to me.  Maybe I can cross making a double wedding ring off my list now ??

 The inner border is a deep green.
Love love love the texture in this quilt. 

Wool batting gives a lovely loft.


  1. Beautiful quilting Michelle! I love the double wedding ring effect.

  2. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Michelle, this quilt leaves me speechless. Can you imagine ME speechless? This is phenomenal. Gorgeous. Awesome. From the fabric selections to the pattern, to the beautiful, beautiful quilting .... it is outstanding. (I have to go buy a new keyboard because this one has drowned in the drool). I called my whole family over to look at it and each one of them grabbed the mouse to scroll back and forth to check each pic. Thank you so much for sharing and for being the incredible quilter that you are.


  3. I love everything about this quilt! It is so great when a secondary pattern you didn't expect is formed in the quilt design! I'm getting some melon rulers...I've always wanted to make a hunter star's on the list!

  4. Michelle it is gorgeous! I have been falling in love with batiks recently. Weren't really on my radar much and! These looks beautiful. Your quilting is amazing, and I love the secondary pattern it made. She could use this as a reversible quilt now :-)

  5. Awesome work Michelle. I've been struggling thinking up ways to quilt these hunter star quilts - you absolutely aced this one - GORGEOUS!!!


  7. Its beautiful but I am not skilled enough to duplicate your stitches. Makes me jealous. I need something more simple for my level but thanks for sharing it helps a lot.