Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tea Time in Bali #3

Wow, I haven't blogged since July.  Summer was busy.  Lots of family, lots of camping, lots of fun.  Only a little quilting, the week the kids were away at Camp.  And now they've been back in school for 7 days...I'm getting caught up (a little).

This is Sarah's Tea Time in Bali quilt from the workshop in April.

She took her 7 yr old daughter shopping when buying border fabrics, and they picked out some lovely borders, as well as a luscious minkee backing.  Sarah had extra of the backing fabric, and her daughter decided it would make a good cape...she was running around wrapped in the excess with it flowing/dragging behind her--maybe she was being 'SuperQuilter' :)  It sure looked like fun anyway.

 Sarah asked for that is what she got.  I used a purple thread, as she was leery of the quilt being 'too pink'. 

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