Monday, 16 September 2013

Applique 9 Patch: Plum Pudding

I should have asked Kerrie the name of this quilt.  This quilt pattern is called Plum Pudding.

As the title of the post says, it's an applique 9-patch.  When Kerri gave this one to me the instructions were "echo the applique, and do something with the 9-patch".  And I thought, I can do that

 I started with a photo of the unquilted top...and this isn't a great photo, the top really was flat and square...I was in a rush and didn't get it all smooth.
 I wanted to highlight those wonderful diagonals in the 9-patches, but also add some curved lines.
 I didn't want to detract from the pop of the white squares, so they weren't quilted at all.

Echoed the applique as requested, and then added some cross hatch to the basket, which was too large to leave unquilted.  The flowers are quilted around the centers for the same reasons...
 and the centers in the sunflowers were very large, so I added some 'seeds' to them.  I used invisafil thread for the echoing, and and then switched to a smoke mono poly for the detail work.

 I like the secondary design on the back too.
 The borders got a curved treatment to offset all the lines in this quilt.
This photo shows those diagonals really well. 


  1. Perfect amount of quilting! Looks great.

  2. Very nice. I like the border treatment I live in S W Sask. Been longarming since 2010 . Its a great job isn't it?