Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Square Dance #2--disappearing 9patch

This is a bright and cheerful quilt, made by Marilyn.

She used a whole jelly roll in this quilt, as opposed to this quilt that used 1/2 roll.  This quilt is the same, but larger pieces.  Using the whole jelly roll made the quilt large enough to cover a twin bed.

 This is a great photo, as it shows how the longarm system works  (as opposed to what my husband thinks)...the green is the backing, and you can see it attached to the take up roller with the red snappers (red tube).  You can see that the machine goes around this roller and the distance between the needle and the back of the sewing machine is 26"...thus the arm of the sewing machine, (not of the quilter), is long.

The batting and the top are then basted down to the backing... which has been done in that photo.

In the photo below, you can see two rollers, that the quilt is draped over.  The top of those two rollers has the backing rolled on it (green), and the lower roller can be used to roll the top, which I sometimes do, however in this instance I left the top to 'float', or just hang over the edge. 
 I should have taken a photo after I'd stitched a 'row' (or a swath, as I label it for my farming family), showing the next step, but basically I'll stitch along the exposed area of quilt on the top, and then roll it onto the take up roller to expose the next 'swath'.

 Marilyn asked for daisies, and that's what she got.  The lovely green colour on this backing just wasn't captured by the camera...made me think of green Popsicles.
 That's a whole lot of tiny pieces.  Nice and flat and square though, especially considering it was all on the bias.

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