Thursday, 12 September 2013

Quilts for Calgary

In June of this year there was a huge flood in Calgary and other areas in the Province of Alberta.  And, of course, quilters responded. 

The first batch of quilts is being distributed this weekend...there are over 1300 quilts ready to go.  Quilts and tops to be quilted have arrived from all across Alberta, all across Canada and from the US.  I think there have even been quilts arrive from other continents!

I was able to quilt 3 tops for the cause in July.  I had committed to doing 3 lap quilts.  These were all bed sized quilts.   I have no clue who pieced them...

I used Hobbs 80/20 for all of them.  They each got a different quilting treatment.  This first one received a pantograph called Plumage.

 The fun bit about this quilt was that the backing was about 1" wider than the quilt, and that included selvedges.  But, I managed...

It was clearly a feminine quilt with all that pink, so it got a very feminine quilting pattern.

 I'm glad I remembered to take before pictures of these quilts.  So often I forget. 
This quilt got light custom quilting.  I wanted those stars to the stars.  I was inspired by Kim Stotsenberg's Heavy Metal designs.

 I guess remembering to take a 'before' picture didn't last too long, as I forgot for this quilt.  This quilt got freehand swirls to offset all that straight line piecing.  It was big enough to fit quite nicely on our king sized bed. 

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