Friday, 24 April 2015

Sashing in the Round--Sue Heinz

This is a sweet little table runner.  Patti made this, and asked me to quilt it, and she wanted something really special in the center.

 I was quite excited, because I knew that this would be a great place to use a Sashing in the Round Medallion from the class I took from Sue Heinz last summer. 

I started by stitching in the ditch the medallion square and the outer rows of quilting, then I marked a series of circles in the center.
 And here's the net result. 
I was thrilled with how this turned out.  The alternate 'rows' were stitched with u-turns to add texture, leaving the black rows to 'pop'. 

This is a technique I'll definitely use again. 


  1. Love what you did here Michelle. Funny. I just had Sue's course material out the other day. Looking forward to trying more of what I learnt at that awesome class.