Thursday, 23 April 2015


I'm so busy reading all the other blogs that I follow, along with everything else life throws my way, that I've been neglecting my own posting... However, now that I've sat down to work on income tax returns, it seems like a blog post is a very good idea, LOL

This quilt was made by Heather, without a pattern.  She's amazingly talented, and usually works in the art medium of cake....for example and on the quilty topic

 details--right down to the model number of the cutting board
 Look at the fabrics she made with fondant, and the quilt is even 'quilted'.
so, if you're in the Calgary area and need an amazing (both in looks and in flavour) cake, let me know and I can connect you....

but I digress (all the better for income tax procrastination)...back to the (fabric) quilt.

So, no pattern, just a desire to make a Tardis quilt

 I decided that the Tardis should be in motion, and probably because of the colors it made me think of Van Gogh's Starry Night, which I was lucky enough to see on a recent trip to MoMA in NYC.

So, it got quilted with swirls, in a glide thread to add a little shine.
Heather loved this quilting design, said it was perfect because the recipient has a poster of The Starry Night in her room.

And my teenage daughter later told me that Van Gogh was featured in a very well known Dr Who episode, so that made it even more perfect.

The young lady's favorite sheet was 'borrowed' for the backing by her Mom, and given to Heather.  I've been told the sheet has been missed and is being searched for, so the binding was going on this quilt quickly. 

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  1. Oh my, that cake is spectacular! I thought the quilt you were talking about was the one on the cake, it looks like a photo of someone's cutting table! She is truly an artist! Your Tardis quilting is great! Perfect for that quilt.