Wednesday 25 February 2015


I almost forgot to blog about this quilt, because I finished it last summer, and didn't gift it until last month.  My guild does a Fat Quarter exchange challenge.  We each put 4 (or more) FQ into a bag, with our names, and then draw someone elses bag of FQ's and have to make a finished project.

These are the fabrics that I drew
Pretty, right?  And fun, because I had never worked with reproduction fabrics before.  I knew right away what pattern I wanted to use--one of Wayne Kollinger's Tuxedo Park patterns, called Patricia.

It was perfect, because the owner of these fabrics, and now this quilt, is Patrica!   And, while she had given me these reproduction fabrics, everything I've ever seen her make in the past few years is much more modern and funky, and that's how I think of the Patricia Ribbons pattern--a funky looking double wedding ring.

The next step was to figure out if I had enough fabric for the rings (just), and to decide what to use for background.  I was surprised and thrilled to find out that a  solid background would be appropriate for use with these fabrics, because that also fit with my vision of a more modern looking quilt.

Before quilting....

I did modify the pattern a little, as I wanted a different size than the pattern showed.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.  I had thought the pattern would give me lots of fun shapes for quilting in the background, but when I started drawing, I found that the shapes weren't consistent (different inside the corner rings than the side rings), so I decided to make them consistent by quilting in the remainder of the tessellations.

 and then I played with a few different fills

 I also considered continuing the tessellations into the border, and drew it out a few times, but decided I wanted to keep them all within the rings. 

 Double batting to show the relief really well.

I had a lot of fun with this project.

Next years exchange is different, we are just to make a completed project and bring it for an exchange.  It is supposed to be something new or a challenge...I have an idea already. 


  1. I love the effect of quilting in the remaining tessellations. I love it!

  2. It's just beautiful - I love the strucure you built with quilting!

  3. Extremely cool!!! I love how you picked up the patchwork design with your quilting.

  4. This is hands down one of the coolest quilts I've ever seen. The quilting is the perfect mix of wild-n-crazy structure. I love the different fills but I also love that you kept them orderly. It's just a perfect mix.

  5. I love how you quilted this, very creative!!

  6. You totally made this quilt - I love how the quilting accents the piecing. Awesomeness!!!

  7. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing the story from the quilts start to finish. Who would've thought that those fat quarters would turn into such a grand finish. The quilt designs you chose work so well on this quilt. I'm sure Patricia loves this.

  8. Fun and the way you used the inner ring shape to quilt the interiors of the '"rings"

  9. Michelle
    You did a wonderful job
    I like the way the colors emphasize the rings while the quilting emphasizes the secondary "X" shapes between the rings

  10. You really rocked this one Michelle! I've been meanining to comment before. Awesome quilting my friend!

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