Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I finished up this table runner in December too.  This was a kit that I was gifted in an exchange in my guild.  I put off completing it for a while, as I wasn't too sure about the applique...look at all the fine cutting in the word family.  Scissors aren't really my friends.  Maybe it's a left handed thing--being that most scissors are for right handed use.

And then I saw a Brother ScanNCut at the Heritage Park quilt show last May.  It was being demoed and sold in the booth across the way from the Chinook Fabrics booth where I was helping to demo Innova longarm machines.    Very cool, scan in your image, scan in your fabric, feed in the fabric, and out comes the cut images.  WANT!  Except, I don't applique.   

Luckily, I know someone who has one that was willing to let me play for an afternoon, and I cut the applique for this table runner and for another quilt.

  I had a lot of fun with the fill around the family and leaves--changing it up when ever I wanted to do so.

 I'm sure glad my friend was willing to share, because I never would have gotten the edges so smooth with scissors.  I had actually considered doing the runner without the applique.

 and just some spirals in the blocks....

I'm not sure what the blogger platform was doing with my photos--first they all came in sideways, and now this one is upside down!  oh well. 

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