Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blogging Again, Finally!

My goal on Tuesday was to write and post on my blog....and here it is, almost dinner time Thursday, such is my life.

This is a quilt of Ethel's that was quilted in December--or was it November?  Either way, she made this jelly roll quilt for a friend of hers.  It turned out lovely, and Ethel says her friend really appreciates the quilt, which is all we quilters really want, isn't it?

One of the on-line quilting groups to which I belong asks for a 5 picture minimum when showing quilt photos, so I made sure I found 5 photos to share...funny how the brain works.

 Hearts and flowers in the quilting.
 Ethel chose a cozy fireside fleece for the backing, and as well as being cozy and soft, it shows the quilting beautifully.
 Gorgeous batik fabrics!
Thanks for letting me play with your quilt Ethel!


  1. LOL, yes, Michelle we need lots of pics! Lovely work!

  2. It looks great and yes that is the best reason to make have them cuddled.