Monday, 15 June 2015

Tienna's quilt

 Tienna's Mom made her this quilt for her grad.  Isn't it wonderful?   Tienna picked the pattern and helped pick the fabrics, and then didn't want to see it until it was done.

I think it took a pretty good design wall to keep all those star points in the right places.

I almost forgot a 'before' photo--here it is on the frame.  Tienna's Mom made the quilt hanging on my wall too, so both Tienna and I are the happy recipients of her Mom's work.

 We decided a nice E2E pattern to give texture and good durability to this quilt, that will be going to University in the fall with it's owner :)

The color of the backing doesn't show here, but if I'm remembering correctly it's a lovely green flannel--wideback flannel, so no piecing!  Several of my customers have brought this now (in various colors), so obviously a local quilt store is carrying it, and it's lovely to work with.     And, it doesn't shrink too much-- if I am remembering correctly, after washing it still measures about 103" wide.

 I had phoned the maker and asked if I could quilt in Tienna's name and she said yes.  So, I quilted it into the center, and apparently she searched the borders a few times looking for it, before they found it.  I'm sneaky that way.

It's a lovely quilt.  Have a  great time at University Tienna.


  1. It is beautiful! What color thread did you use?

  2. Beautiful work all around. Love the colors and the final product!