Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tea Time in Bali # 7 or 8?

I think this is #6, I've lost track.

This is Patty's quilt and I took a cue from the border fabric and quilted it with a meander fern-feather edge to edge design.  It gave a really nice texture.

 I've quilted several of these, which is fun, because they each wind up so different.  It's a great little free pattern, which uses a whole jelly roll, and you don't add extra fabrics until borders.

This was the Brown Sugar jelly roll, and one of the great things about longarm quilting for customers is I can see how different the same quilt with the same fabrics can be with a difference in fabric placement, borders and even adding's Marilyn's Brown Sugar Tea Time Quilt

and here's another, Ethels Tea Time done in Brown Sugar

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