Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Simplicity 3- Greenstone Fish hook

This is Colleen's Simplicity quilt that she made for her Dad.

She used the other 1/2 of the two jelly rolls she used to make this quilt, which I have labelled Simplicity 2
I like to give you the links,  because I like to see how different each quilt looks, even if it has the same fabrics and/or the same pattern.    These two quilts look quite different, even though they have the exact same fabrics in the centers. 

This is the first Simplicity quilt Colleen and I made, and it follows the layout given on the pattern.   Colleen changed layout for each of the next two she made.

The quilting design I chose for this quilt reminded me of New Zealand Greenstone Fish Hooks while I was quilting it... maybe it was partially the colors.  Here's the quilt with my NZ Greenstone, which isn't a fish hook...

above is an example of a greenstone fish hook from the shoepnzed site

 I have a new name for this quilting design now--
 Colleen brought a nice minkee backing for this quilt

She showed me a picture of her Dad with his new quilt, and I think he likes it!!

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