Thursday, 7 May 2015

Alternate Routes--Alternate Layouts

The pattern for Alternate Routes by Highway 10 designs comes with a lot of layouts pictured (Kathy and Lori say they first designed this pattern as a mystery quilt for their guilds).

So, my sister and I sewed blocks all day, and by evening the family was gathered around, looking at the different layouts.  Some of them were truly enjoying the process, my artistic neice in particular--she was flipping blocks and arranging.  Some of them just wanted us to pick one so we'd clear the area in front of the TV and they could watch a show, LOL. 

The pattern allows for making 64 blocks (an 8x8 layout) or 42 blocks (6x7 layout).  We had 42 blocks.  Some of the layouts would be better square. 

 I know from making quilts with multiple layouts in a class that fabric and value selection can have an impact on the decision of which layout is best, so if I make this pattern again, I might prefer a different layout.

Sometimes you had to get in there fast with the camera, before the layout changed again!  It was like a screensaver, in constant motion. 

 I've only shown about 8 layouts here--there are many more shown in the pattern itself.

 and here's the one we liked the best.  We had definitely decided we liked a center medallion, but then we had to decide which one of those even. that I've shown some of the options we looked at, I hope our brother and SIL like the layout we chose best too.  Oh well, that's the one they got anyway.  I guess if they like a different one better, I can teach them to quilt :) 

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