Thursday, 7 January 2016

Charlotte's Quilt

So.....if you've ever noticed the frequency of my blogging, you might be able to determine the pattern of how often I load the photos from my camera to my computer :P  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, just busy quilting and with kids and life.  If you're interested in more frequent snippets, mmm quilts is on instagram and facebook.

This is Charlotte's quilt, and it's for her bed.  Charlotte is a very new quilter, but one wouldn't be able to tell from the piecing. 

I love the blues she used.

I realised after I took this photo (and in consultation with Charlotte later) that the applique band should run the other direction on the bed.  But, really, the important thing to see in this photo is how great that quilt looks ( in my room).  She used great fabrics LOL

 I got a little discouraged at how long it took me to quilt the applique section of this quilt....and then realised the number of square inches in just that section--it was the size of a small quilt itself, so then I felt better.

 Because the quilt was so large, Charlotte and I decided that an E2E treatment on the majority of the quilt--and I always love how E's and 3's look, so elegant--and the special treatment in the applique would be the best quilting treatment on this quilt. 

Thank you Charlotte, for trusting me with your quilt. 

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  1. Very nice and the designs work well on this quilt.