Friday, 8 January 2016

Marilyn's Magic Tiles

This quilt was made by Marilyn for her Mother.

The Magic Tiles pattern looks fantastic in mono-color.  Again, my clients are delighting me with blue.

 Marilyn added a solid blue border, rather than the pieced border that the pattern suggests.  I like the quieting effect of the solid border. 
 I've only met Marilyn's Mom about twice, so I don't know much about her likes and dislikes, other than that she loves blue (she's a smart lady) and that Marilyn is a gardener, so I thought perhaps her Mom would like a floral-texture design.  I'm pretty sure I first saw this in one of Angela Walter's books.
 I'm really pleased with how that design turned out.  I will use it again. 


  1. Beautiful, looks like a stained glass window! Floral quilt design looks wonderful!

  2. Where would I find some material like this? Trying to get some material together to make a quilt! Thank You!!! This is just Beautiful!!!