Wednesday, 15 June 2016

When Bali Met Sochi

Vicki bought this kit at Along Came Quilting

 And when it came to the quilting, I knew we wanted something flowing, so I sent Vicki a few samples of some designs I'd stitched out on a practice piece based on designs in Christina Cameli's book and Vicki chose this one. 

I stitched on an angle, so that it was clear that the stitching wasn't supposed to be fitting into diamonds perfectly.   And, it more closely followed the color changes that way too, and added to the motion of the quilt.

 I used a gold Magnifico thread. 
 The quilting really stands out and gives the quilt lots of texture when side lit, but isn't overpowering when I'm not trying to light it for photos. 

 A quilt like this that is all angles and bias has so much potential to be wonky--but this quilt was pieced perfectly flat and square.  What a delight to quilt. 
 And a lovely purple batik backing....

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  1. Love the colors and you are right about the purple. This is one of the prettiest quilts I have seen