Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A quilt yet to be gifted,,,,shhhh

This quilt hasn't been gifted yet, so I don't want to give any details to give it away too soon.  I'll say that it's a client quilt, well pieced, and is going to her son.

 Isn't this a wonderful, masculine quilt?  The client chose the swirl hook design for this quilt, and then made a bold thread choice.  I love it.
 The thread just glows in the navy border.  It's Omni Tahiti. 
 One of the things I love about this quilt is the value play--it's a two block quilt, but you can see so many different shapes in the top based on how the values landed and what your eye is focusing on.
This quilt fits into my room beautifully.  Maybe that's why I love the colors so much 
The fabrics are a mixture of quilting cottons and batiks.  This also gives great dimension and texture to the quilt.

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