Friday, 27 May 2016


This quilt was pieced by Kathleen S.  It's called Vintage from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley  If you click on the link and scroll down a little, you can see Camille's Vintage quilt.

 This quilt is done in such soft pinks, I wanted an elegant and flowing quilting design = feathers.

 Here's a before (above) and after (below) of this gingham block.  The gingham reminded me of a dress my sister used to love when we were kids.

To add to the 'flowyness' (yes, I did just make up a word) of the quilting, the feathers rotate in different directions on alternate blocks.  I guess motion would be a good word to use if one wasn't into making up words LOL

 And as an added bonus, this is a two sided quilt.
 I think the quilting looks great on the back of the quilt too.    And I was so close to getting it centered.  To perfectly center a quilt backing, Vicki Welsh has done a great tutorial, but it involves a different loading procedure, so I just did some measuring and tried to get close with this one. 

And as a view into my designing process, this is one of the designs I was considering
I decided the quilt needed simpler, so went with double continuous curves and hooked feathers. 


  1. I absolutely love your quilting on this. You turned into something extra special!

  2. Oh wow. The quilting on this is just fabulous!

  3. Love how you transformed this quilt from pretty to WOW! The back looks fantastic too!

  4. This looks amazing. It is great to see the unquilted gingham block and then the transformation your quilting made to it. I agree with you on the continuous curves-simpler suits the centres.

  5. I love how your quilting transformed the quilt! The curved quilting lines almost gave the piecing a curved look and the feathers are just perfect!