Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sandy's Sampler #2

This is Sandy's Sampler.  There's a neat story behind this quilt.  Sandy started a quilt class many years ago, and learned many techniques to make these (and more) sampler blocks.  She learned paper piecing, triangles, Y-seams, different applique methods and much more.    She even got most of the blocks set together with sashing on their way to being a queen size quilt.   Then the project sat for many many years, and was resurrected about 6 years ago.  However, the colors in the quilt were no longer attractive to Sandy and her husband as a bed quilt.

So, she took apart the sashing, and made a sampler quilt with 12 of the blocks, which she gave to the church.  Life and family got in the way, and the rest of the quilt was put away again, for about another 5 or 6 years, when Sandy had time to work on this project again.  She decided which 12 blocks to put into this lapquilt, and finished piecing it to give to a friend.

We decided on a custom freehand treatment, with minimal marking, and no ruler work or SID. This kept the budget within what Sandy had had in her mind to spend. 

The back of the quilt is very interesting, because Sandy used a white backing, so she and her colleagues could sign their good wishes on the back of the quilt before gifting it to her friend.

Sandy borrowed back the original quilt that had been given away 5 years ago, and has also finished piecing the 3rd lap quilt, and here's a photo of all 3 together...the middle one isn't showing all of it's blocks

Sandy will keep the one on the left for herself.  It's neat how different they each look, even though they have the same fabrics in the blocks and sashing.


  1. Thanks for posting these photos Michelle. As always you've done an exceptional job quilting them for me. I'm happy to say the one I'm keeping is now complete with binding and ready to show at the Heritage Park Quilt show May 28-29/16.

  2. No rulers on that sashing?!? You are my hero. You must be part robot ;) beautiful end result.

  3. The quilting looks fabulous!Interesting story behind this quilt. It's neat that after all these years it's finally done.