Thursday, 26 May 2016

Sandy's Sampler #3

This is the third and final quilt from Sandy's original queen size sampler.  This one, I believe, she is keeping for herself.  You can see the second one here, and the first one was quilted when I had a short-arm on a grace frame, and before I blogged, so there's no where to direct you.

Sandy asked for the quilting to be similar to her 2nd quilt, so that's what I did.

I was able to quilt all the blocks and sashing continuously except for this block
I tried to keep the quilting unifying, by only using a few shapes--u-turns, loops, continuous curves, herring bones (which are essentially loops), and some wavy lines.  

 I used long herringbones for the borders too, and really like how they turned out, with the curves from the sashing, it has a scalloped feel.
 And happily, Sandy chose a backing with one of my favorite properties--the quilting really shows up well. 
 I love the backs on a sampler like this--so interesting.   The blocks can look so different from the back, without the piecing lines and color cues.

and again, I'll share the photo of all 3 of Sandy's samplers.  I wish I had made more of an effort in taking this photo to get all the blocks of the middle quilt it--the photo only shows 9 of 12. 
There, I found a photo of the first one, with all blocks showing.  And feet from one of my kids....they're small, so I can tell the photo is quite old, I'd guess about 2010.

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