Thursday, 26 May 2016

Quilts for Deb's Boys

Deb pieced these two fabulous quilts for her boys.  And they are almost exactly the same.  And the fabrics, while beautiful, are hard for me to look at with my visual processing disorder, so I may have just been photographing the same quilt over and over.  If so, imagine there are two .  

(as a side note, I am continually amazed that I can quilt some quilts that are just so hard for me to look at, and yet I guess because while I am quilting them I am only looking at a small portion, it works.   Only once did I choose a panto for a quilt because I couldn't look at it).

Deb chose Dream Puff for the batting....lots of loft, warm, and easy to wash for the boys doing laundry.  A smart mom!  It was my first time quilting with Dream Puff, and I would definitely use that as a batting again. 

Deb added the top and bottom border to make the quilt long enough.  I love the pieced border she designed.   And, I really like the on point setting.

We thought, with the busyness of the fabrics that not much would show for texture, so we chose a meander, which would let the piecing and the fabrics shine.  The quilting shows much more than I expected on the Dream Puff, an added bonus.

Leaving the quilting very open also helps increase the warmth of the quilt---more air pockets to trap heat.
 I can tell now that I did get whole shots of both's the very center HST's in the borders that are different.

What a great gift for your boys Deb.  I'm sure they'll enjoy these quilts for years to come. 

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