Thursday, 26 May 2016

A Quilt Called Wanda

 I guess I never got a picture of the whole quilt....or if I did it's lost in the (involuntary and surprise) Windows 10 upgrade somewhere---I'm still learning where to find my files.

 Lori pieced this quilt as a gift for her Sister-in-Law, and I love everything about it.  I love the fabrics, the piecing pattern, how soft it all is--both literally and in feeling.  The pattern is Wanda by Villa Rosa,
 and it's a jelly roll quilt.  

Lori didn't add the extra borders, she added some extra blocks. 

The color of the minkee doesn't show well here at all---it was a lovely soft creamy color, and I swear it was also the softest to touch I've ever used as backing. 
 I chose E's and 3's because to me this is a very elegant quilt, and I find that E's and 3's can be a very elegant quilting design. 
Lori got this as a kit at Along Came Quilting...and they're sold out, otherwise I'd be on my way there to buy this kit.  I love this quilt.

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