Sunday, 5 November 2017


This is such a marvelous quilt!  Nancy and her sister Peg organized the ENTIRE extended family to each put a handprint on a block...and then assembled it for their mothers 90th Birthday.

 The label was a block.
 Blocks were left for Dorothy and her husband (it was a surprise at the birthday party), and they have since placed their handprints on the quilt.
I"m disappointed the house block is blurry--it represents the home Dorothy's children grew up in.  The house was only sold this year, so it is very fitting to have it on the quilt.
 Hands can be hard with little ones--they don't like to unclench them, so these would be Great Grandchild's feet.  I love the smear of blue on the side of the block--even feet can be tricky with babies.  What a great time capsule

 I love the creativity with the two-toned hand. 
 and for family members that have passed, there were line drawings.  What a special way to include them.

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