Thursday, 17 May 2018

Painted Ladies

Katherine made this Painted Ladies quilt as a gift for her Mother.  The pattern company is called Eye Candy Quilts.  What a great name!! 

The pattern is inspired by some famous houses in San Fransisco called the Painted Ladies.

 Katherine used great textural fabrics (seriously, I could pet this quilt all day long), and we added lots of straight lines, architectural details, and feathers in the sky.   

I had fun!
 Wool batting shows the texture nicely.

 And if you can ignore the furniture around the edges, here's the full quilt. 

Look at the great label Katherine incorporated into her backing....a narrow strip she's written on pieced right in.  Love it!   It's even got my name!  As well as the name of the quilt, the recipient, the occasion, the maker and a date and location.    I try hard not to have to piece my backings, but next time I do, I will remember this. 

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