Friday, 28 August 2020

Shape Shifter 3

This is Vicki's Shape Shifter. (if you want the shape shifter story have a look at the previous post)

I love the blues in this quilt.   This quilt and I had quite the discussion.    It kept telling me it wanted E&3.  I kept telling it "this is my get out of the rut summer" and showing it designs from Christina's book....

we couldn't come to an agreement, so I phoned the referee  (Vicki) and she agreed with the quilt, so E&3 it was....a great choice.  The quilt and referee were right.   There is definitely a reason why it is my go to design. 

There are Zebra's on the back....if you've been reading along on the blog you will have noticed all these great upcycled fabric backings Vicki has been using--this was a tablecloth. 

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