Thursday, 9 February 2012

Birds in the Air

This quilt is one of mine.  It was a block swap in my guild.  The technical details: finished at 34x34, bamboo batting, Wonderfil Silco on top and Invisafil in the bobbin.  It's not quite done yet, as the binding isn't handstitched to the back, but I'll leave that to do at guild meetings.  

Here's a picture before quilting

When choosing the layout for my blocks, I really liked the diamond created by the large dark triangles and also the little triangles that point in alternating directions, so that's what I wanted to emphasize with the quilting.  That yellow triangle gets kind of lost, so the quilting needed to unify that with it's neighbours.

I knew I wanted to try Donna James' curved border treatment, and so with a little drawing on paper and referring to Donna's tutorial, I figured that out.  It was fun.

I used small e's and 3's as background fill to let those little triangles pop, and used straight lines in the large triangles to emphasize the diamond and to bring the yellow one into the design.   The center design is one I made up, using 3's and e's to go along with the background fill, and then I added some more curved lines in the center as well, to echo the border.

I normally use a fairly plain backing fabric, but this time it was a busy fabric.  I was disappointed when I turned it over and couldn't see any quilting, so no pictures of that.


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  1. Looks great Michelle - looks like you're having fun with your new machine - nice work.