Friday, 3 February 2012

Stars in the Mountains

I forgot to post this when it was done.  We've been enjoying snuggling under it on the couch.  I really should have taken a picture of it bound, but it's too dark out to do it now.
 This was a New Year's Mystery quilt at Longarm University with Cindy Roth, which I didn't do until mid-January.  So, I had the top pieced in advance, but didn't know what the quilting was going to be.  My youngest and I picked the thread based on color (King Tut Olde Golde) but in retrospect a thinner thread might have been nicer, especially on the background where it really built up.
  I love how the blocks turned out.  It was so much fun to quilt an 18" block all in one pass, too.  On my shortarm, that would have been 3-4 passes.

 I also like the starburst effect in the brown squares.

 These photos of the back show all the curly's used in the background, and it looks so good on the back with the thinner so-fine thread.

 This shows more of the true color of the flannel back.  Flannel backing and a wool batting make this quilt very cosy. 
And here's a shot of the border motifs.  I was able to use what I learned here, modified, to create a freehand motif for the center of the quilt I was working on today.