Saturday, 15 September 2012

the Other Scrappy Needleworks Quilts

So, after the post on the Arabesque quilt, I was thinking about the others I'd made from those classes.   They've all been given away to family members, and they were all quilted on my short-arm Husqvarna machine on a Grace frame...I had only 5-6" of quilting space at a time, but it sure was a great way to try out frame quilting.

I was fairly new to quilting, so these classes were a fun way to learn some techniques, make some scrappy quilts and hangout with some fun people.

We did bright batik flying geese:

 Greens and Floral fabrics for a Garden Block quilt:

 This one was made into a bedsized quilt with some extra borders and a picket fence to contain that garden
 Delectable Mountains in a Icy White/Blues coloring:

 Snowball blocks in a Valentines/Chocolate theme:

There was also a pineapple block class, but unfortunately I missed that one.

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  1. All fun quilts - great job Michelle. As you know I'm also a big fan of scrappy quilts and always have one on the go. Although now a days it takes a lot longer to get them finished, neer mind quilted. ;0)