Monday, 5 November 2012

A More Modern Quilt

I'm not sure why I missed posting this quilt when it was finished a few months ago...I think I was intending to ask Colleen what the pattern was named, and it all just fell off of my brain.  I do know it's a pattern from The Stitchery, in Olds Alberta.  They have it made up in several different size blocks and different fabrics, it's a wonderful pattern.

 Before Quilting...that's a lot of 4 inch blocks!   The funny thing about this quilt is Colleen's daughters, and my children as well, called this 'the purple quilt' and the purple pieces are the smallest pieces in it.  So, I used a purple thread to increase the purple.    This quilt just begged for some more 'modern' quilting, so I grabbed Angela Walters book, and away I went.

 The cross-hatch inner border is wonky to go along with the wonky blocks.

 A close up to show the purple thread.
 Alternating rows of square spirals and round spirals give this quilt a marvelous texture, which is all it needed.   A flannel backing and wool batting, and this is a very cozy quilt.

Thanks for looking!



  1. You did a wonderful job on the quilting. It looks wonderful.

  2. I found you. Hi there. Quilting looks good. I like the vein in the boarder.

  3. The quilting that you've done on this one is calling out to me to start piecing a quilt top for you quilt for me!! I LOVE the quilting you've done on this one.