Saturday, 24 November 2012

Baptist Fan Anew

This Yellow Brick Road quilt was made by Patty, for her mother-in-law.  She used lovely florals, and we decided to use the pantograph Baptist Fan Anew. 

I think this is a great alternative to the full out custom treatment of baptist fan using circle rulers.

And I took Kathy's Quilt Photography 101 advice and took the photo of the entire quilt at an angle and that was great advice, I like it...but I don't have a lovely dock or iced over lake to put beneath it, so the picture still just isn't as exciting as one of Kathy's.

That raspberry zinger is very yummy.  We used warm and natural cotton batting, so it'll shrink up a little for an antique-y look.  I think Patty is shooting for 'favourite daughter-in-law' :)

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