Monday, 19 November 2012

"Mom, do you EVER use the whole frame?"

Believe it or not, this is what my son asked just 2 days before I loaded these quilts, that came with a single backing of luscious minkee.  I had to load it the long way so I could attach the selvedges to the leaders.   I could have cut the backing into two pieces, but then I would have had all the fuzz would have been at my house, and not at the clients :D

 So, now we know that 132" of backing maxes out the frame...and I could have quilted a few inches wider, but really wouldn't prefer to do so...any wider and I would have been forced to cut the backing...
 The flash really makes that minkee shine.  It's actually a deep black.
 One of the tricks to loading it this way was to find a thread that complimented both quilts at once. My son and I found a Magnifico thread that would work on both.  They also both got the same pantograph.

 Maybe you can see the thread better on this's got a lovely sheen to it.

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