Monday, 10 February 2014

Why to Measure and Pin Borders

Carole at My Carolina Home as done a wonderful photo tutorial on Understanding Why to Measure and Pin your Borders which is a great reference for anyone who sometimes thinks they might cut corners (but as Carole shows you actually grow your corners this way) and just sew and whack the borders on your quilt.  This makes for very friendly borders :)  It's always nice to know the reason why you do something a certain way, rather than just 'that's the way it's done'.

I've also linked this post into my Borders reference page, so it will be easily found if you want to reference it in the future.

And, because every post needs at least one picture...

I've finished the quilting on my 'forever' quilt (because it feels like that's about how long it took to quilt it...started the quilting in October, and loaded it back on last week, finished it today).

Here's a 'still in progress' shot as I was adding the background fills last week,

I'll post more photos once I've got it trimmed and bound...this quilt has been a learning quilt all along, as it was based on a Craftsy templates class by Kim Brunner, and I've also used it to practice some new-to-me fills.  AND, I'm going to use a new to me binding method too.  But I digress, more on that in a future post.

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