Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Puddles--My FQ Challenge Quilt

I got a few inquiries from my readers (and it's nice to know someone reads this) after my post on the Addison's Star I had made for our guild fat quarter challenge, as to what I had received in exchange.  (the short story is you put 4 FQ in a dental bag with your name, pull out another bag with a friends FQ's and you have to create a finished project for that person)

I put in a floral fabric and 3 solids...and this is what I got back in exchange.

 Lori drew my fabrics, and she made this wallhanging called Puddles.  My fabrics were the floral border, the light blue, dark charcoal/black and the rust. 
 It's hard to see in the photos, but Lori quilted around the details in the border fabric, adding nice texture relief to them.  That's something I find hard to do, so I'm glad she did it for me.  She also added a flange, again, a quilt feature that can be a little trickier to deal with on the longarm, so another nice touch.
 And she quilted some flowers...look at the great backing that goes with the flowers

 Thank you Lori.  I knew EXACTLY where it would go when I saw it...

Doesn't it look perfect with my Innova longarm?  The hanging I had there before was too small for the space, this is perfect.

I'm playing again this year...it was a tough decision at the fabric store. I had 4 lovely shot cottons in my hands, but then Colleen pointed out the Downton Abbey fabrics, and I'd been wanting to do something with some of them...so this is what came home with me...and into my dental bag for swapping
My favourite is the fabric on the right.  

And I got some beautiful fabrics to play with too, but I cannot show them yet, you'll have to wait until next January.

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