Monday, 20 January 2014

Disappearing 9 patch table runner

I've been doing the books for the church all day, so needed some 'quilt' time to compensate.   This is  quilt made by the church ladies for a staff member at church, so I guess I'm still on topic.

My goal for 2013 had been 50 quilts, and this sweet table runner was #50.  Nancy's Rail Fence was 51, but I haven't finished my Kim Brunner quilt yet, so maybe I'll only count 50.5 for 2013.

 The quilting is a little hard to see...just some line dancing in the large squares and continuous-curve in the small squares.  The rectangles were small enough to leave alone.

 This is a simple and effective quilt block...looks so different in different layouts...square dance and different fabric choices

I feel better now, thanks for indulging me in some quilty pictures.  Now, back to budgets!  And once those books are all done, I'll finish up that WIP!

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