Friday, 10 January 2014

Nancy's Modified Rail Fence

Nancy made this quilt for her daughter, who is teaching in England. Her daughter loves purple and  green.  I love the green 'steps' in this quilt too!

 The narrow black border adds a nice break between the blocks and the other borders.

 We wanted to emphasize the green 'steps' so they got wishbones, and the rest of the quilt was meandered.
 The thread was a bright green Magnifico which went perfectly with this quilt.
 The best part was Nancy's daughter coming home for Christmas, so Nancy got to give it to her in person, rather than just shipping it. 
Nancy added a nice dark green (I find it so hard to get good photos of minkee colors) minkee on the back, to make it extra cozy for winter in England, where central heating isn't what we have here.

I haven't talked to Nancy since Christmas, but I imagine the quilt was very well received.

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