Thursday, 16 January 2014

Addisons Star--FQ Challenge

In my guild, we have the option each year of participating in a FQ (Fat Quarter) challenge, in which we each put 4 FQ into a dentist bag (instead of a brown paper bag--we have a few in the group who work(ed) in dentists offices), with your name.  You draw a bag, and have to return a finished project to the owner of the FQs at the end of the year.

I talked about last year's project here.

We did the exchange last week, so it's now safe to show these.  I'm still really disappointed that I forgot to take my camera.  The projects were all wonderful, and all unique.  I love the one I received, and am going to hang it by my longarm.  The quilt I have hanging there now is too small for the space.  It's too dark and dreary now, so I'll take pictures of it another day.  

One of the fun things about the exchange, is that almost always, someone forgets what their fabrics were, and doesn't know that the quilt is theirs.  This happened with the one I made.  Extra fun.

Here's a photo fresh off the frame...
 I drew Kerri''s name and fabrics.  Her fabrics are the 4 that make up the stars, I added the background from stash, and bought the inner and outer borders. 
 I knew that this was a simply pieced project, and that I was going to add a lot of detail with the quilting, so I chose a solid backing.  It was very very hard to give up this quilt.  If you don't find a home for it Kerri, it's welcome to come back.

 I tried out a whole bunch of new-to-me stitching patterns and ideas.  It was really frustrating at times great fun.

 Kim Brunner's craftsy class showed how to do these borders, and I filled in the arcs in the corners to match quilting done in the center.

 I love love love the texture in this quilt.  I used 2 battings, two different invisafil purple threads, and a so-fine brown in the borders.  36"x36", so a good size to  be either a wall hanging or a table/bench topper.
 Kerri and I were at the Red Deer Quilt show together in April, and I found the pattern there.  I asked what she thought of it (very sneaky) and she liked it , so I bought it. 

Bought my FQs today for next weeks draw.  I'm looking forward to playing again!  Cannot wait to see what fabrics I receive to with which to work. 


  1. Your quilting puts it over the top! I will be stealing some of your ideas....

  2. WOW that is fantastic. I don't think Kerri will be returning it.

  3. Great idea...I can just imagine how exciting it was to see all those different quilts being returned! Your project is all your quilting and you are rather sneaky!

  4. Michelle, you know how much I love rulerwork and this project is just fabulous! Love that border treatment!

  5. WOW!!! Very very inspiring!!! I just added myself as a GFC follower!!! YAH!!!

  6. Very lovely. I wonder, since your work is so wonderful - are you disappointed if your fat qtrs come back not quite so awesome. Or maybe the gals you swap with are just as awesome. I do love your quilting.